Mould Alignment & Clamping (MAC)

Mould Alignment and Clamping (MAC) Systems

The Mould Alignment and Clamping System (MAC) successfully combines alignment and clamping into a single automated unit, which can be installed along a mould frame at any desired location and spacing.  The MAC clamp unit allows for local adjustment of overbite alignment (chord-wise direction), tip-root alignment (span-wise direction) and bond-gap height while applying a clamping force of up to 1 ton of clamping force per location.

Whether as a stand-alone system or integrated with the MTS, the hydraulically driven clamping system will maintain constant clamping force during the entire duration of the curing process once the clamp cycle is initiated, ensuring consistent bond gap height and alignment between blade halves.


  • Bolt-on hydraulically actuated clamps provide constant clamping force
  • Clamping force is maintained throughout clamp cycle
  • Adjustable overbite and tip-root alignment
  • Adjustable bond gap
  • Operation as a stand-alone system or integrated with MTS system
  • Option to operate via remote control to maximize operator flexibility and visibility
  • Designed to withstand harsh working environments
Clamping Cycle Time 1.5s per clamp
Maximum System Rated Pressure 150 bar (2200 psi)
Clamping Force 10.5kN (nominal)
Maximum Vertical Load Support 12kN
Maximum Displacement During Working Load <0.2mm
Adjustment in horizontal (x) direction ±12.7mm
Adjustment in vertical (y) direction ±12.7mm
Alignment tolerance in horizontal (x) direction ±0.25mm
Alignment tolerance in vertical (y) direction ±0.25mm