Mould Heating Systems (PowerHeater)

Mould Heating Systems (PowerHeater)

PH Windsolutions has developed an integrated mould heating system that has helped many blade manufacturers perfect their cure cycling.

PH Windsolutions’ PowerHeater modular mould heating system is a standalone or integrated product, which runs on an Ethernet network with a single PC front end. With up to 120 independently controlled heating zones, it can cover up to 300 square meters. With PH Windsolutions’ proprietary software, it creates ready reports and allows complete Q/A based tracking.



High number of heating zones provides a more uniform heat distribution and curing.

Powerheaters’ modular design yields ease of

  • Scalability
  • Installation
  • Training
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Ethernet based network insures ease of configuration using host PC.
  • Ease of report generation for Q/A based tracking.
  • All heating element wires are supplied and pre-cut for ease of installation


  • Modular system
  • Proprietary software featuring data logging, graph of ramp/soak program, graph of actual temperature, and testing mode.
  • Single PC front end
  • Windows based
  • Ready report formats for Q/A based tracking
  • Heating element robustness allows for reliable permanent encapsulation
  • Element wire is supplied pre-terminated, tested, and ready for use.
  • Complete system of cable, sensors, control boxes, and software supplied
  • Complete remote  monitoring by way of the Ethernet network