Shear Web Alignment & Clamping (SWAC)

Shear Web Alignment & Clamping (SWAC) Systems

The Shear Web Alignment Clamping (SWAC) system guides the insertion of a Shear Web partition into the shell of a wind turbine blade with great precision and holds it a pre-determined position during the cure cycle. The SWAC system allows manufacturers to lower labour costs, speed production, and improve product quality. Compared to a manual procedure where placement is done by manual measurement, the SWAC system allows for greater precision in terms of fit tolerance, resulting in lower manufacturing defects. In addition, the speed and precision of the shear web placement process made possible by the SWAC system has the potential to lower manpower requirements during the procedure.

In a typical manufacturing setting, a shear-web is inserted into a holding fixture, which is then lifted by means of a crane and deposited onto the SWAC clamps. The fixture is released from the crane, bonding paste is applied to the blade shell, the SWAC system lowers the fixture into a pre-set position and is then held by means of a clamping force. Once the paste has cured, the shear-web is released from the fixture and the SWAC raises it off the mould, where it is reclaimed with the crane.